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    License Revoked

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      I used Acrobat and Photoshop for years on my old Mac OS but needed to use them occasionally on a newer Intel laptop. I'm retired and bought a license online, thinking that it would suffice. I checked with a helpful Adobe assistant, who assured me that I could use the serial number, that Adobe values its customers and helped me to install it. I was also invited to make contact again in the future if required. 17 months later, Adobe has revoked the license with no warning. I'm now being told that it was an error on the part of the assistant and the only recompense offered is a reduced subscription. The latter would not be of value to me as an infrequent user. I believe that a promise was made that amounts to a contract between Adobe and myself, with the expected associated duty of care and I query whether this is correct within the law. Had I been advised that the license was invalid, or would be in the future, I could have returned it for a refund.

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          Are you quite sure you purchased from Adobe, rather than someone impersonating them (which happens a lot)?

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            Thank you for responding. It was not from Adobe but from a third party that didn't impersonate. I checked whether the license was valid to use and I was assured by the Adobe assistant that it was, then and into the future before he helped me to install it. I would have returned it to the seller had I been made aware by Adobe (I'm a novice) that it would be revoked 17 months later. It's not possible to do that now. Adobe has accepted that I was misinformed and I believe that they should consider my complaint to be valid. 

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