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    FMS2: FLV2 to MP3 converter

      Word on the net is that Adobe Labs is releasing a FLV2 to MP3 converter. I have heard this for a month now. Anyone has an idea when its being released? We have a burning project and really convert those FLV's to MP3's so they can be downloaded by the user (we record audio with FMS2). Do you have another solution for the convertion? I have been looking all over the Net and this issue is driving me mad, especially since our client is sitting on our back.

      thanks in advance and greetings

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          JayCharles Level 4
          There's nothing else available at the moment in terms of a server side solution.

          Although there is supposed to be an FLV2MP3 application released soon on Adobe labs (sometime... your guess as to when is as good a mine), my understanding is that it will be a beta product and won't be licensed for commercial deployment. I guess we'll see how it plays out.
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            CYGEN Level 1
            Hm, I believe you because I can't seem to find a working solution across the net, but I see www.podomatic.com and www.audioblog.com. They use FMS to record the audio and offer it as MP3 download immediatly. So there must be a way.
            Maybe via another format? FLV to SWF to Mp3?
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              JayCharles Level 4
              Just because there are sites that suppor the functionality doesn't mean there's a publicly available solution.

              I would guess (and I"m just guessing here) that if the sites you mentioned are using FCS/FMS to handle the recording, they have also made their own deals with Nellymoser for the codec and developed their own server application to handle the conversion. Perhaps you might try contacting them to see if they'll give you some insight as to how it was achieved.

              If you do get in touch with them, you might ask them what the magic word is to get the Nellymoser people to answer an email.
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                Check this url: http://flv2mp3.com
                Hope it can help you.