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    Premiere Pro 2018 - 5.1 Surround Monitoring

    ElasticPictures Level 1

      We are currently working on a project that will deliver in 5.1.  The music score, sound design and final audio mix will be delivered to us as a master file which we will then sync to our video.  I have looked everywhere for a proper solution to monitor 5.1 with Premiere Pro 2018 with no luck thus far.  The Premiere project is setup correctly as a 5.1 project, and all of the audio meters are showing signal.



      Our Edit Suites have Mac Pro 2013 Trash Cans with Blackmagic Mini Monitors connected to Flanders CM 250 broadcast monitors.  Each suite also has an 55" LG OLED "Client Monitor".  My hope is (was) to use the Mini Monitors HDMI output to a home theater receiver to get the 5.1 monitoring, but from what I've read the Mini Monitor only puts out 2 channels of audio as opposed to the advertised 8 channels.  Some have mentioned using an SDI to HDMI converter since SDI carries 8 channels of audio.



      I'm looking for advice on the hardware setup to be able to monitor 5.1 audio in Premiere Pro.  We're open to using different / additional hardware in order to get the 5.1 monitoring working.  Any help with this is greatly appreciated!