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    Playing Progressive Dnload Videos in Sequence

      Hello all!

      My client wants to develop a workflow that does not require a video "editing" program to sequence two video clips that are being exported as .wmv files. We'd like to set it up so that all we had to do was important the first video using the progressive download options, define it as the first video to play, and then imoport the second video as progressived download and define it as the second video to play.

      I'm new to flash, but it seems like this should be feasable. Even though the videos are short (:30 seconds to 2.5 minutes), we cannot 'embbed' them for various reasons.

      I've tried importing each movie to a different frame and importing each movie to a different scene. It seems like the latter option works, but I have to uncheck "play" for the first movie to play in the publishing preview and then uncheck the "loop" in the publishing preview to get the second movie to play.

      I'm guessing it's something to do with the autoplay settings ... I'm going to continue to mess around with it, but I'm hoping someone here can aussauge my frustations with a bit of clear direction.