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    Fireworks CS4 hangs on install

      I am attempting to install Fireworks CS4 from an Adobe DVD sent to me by mail. When I get past the licensing agreement, I get a "prepaing to install" message. The process will go no farther than that. I even left it in that state overnight with no progress this morning.

      I found a post online somewhere that said to delete the install log file and reboot. Did that. Same hanging result. I've seen other problems ahead dealing with fonts and loading, but I'm certainly not even that far in the process. I can't even get the program installed. Guess I'll have that to battle later (hope not though).

      Any solutions to resolve this problem would be appreciated. (running on XP by the way)

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          lindaledb wrote:

          > Any solutions to resolve this problem would be appreciated. (running on XP by
          > the way)

          My suggestion is that you contact Adobe support. This is a user to user
          forum, and few here are experts a technical issues.

          Linda Rathgeber - Adobe Community Expert
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            I used to get this when I had CS3, don't know what it is but maybe you could try copying the files from the disk onto the harddrive?
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              I'm having this same problem. I spent half the day on the phone with Adobe support and they were no help at all. I am unable to install Fireworks, Illustrator, or InDesign from the CS4 Master Collection. I get the infinate "Preparing to Install" screen with any of these three packages. All other software installed ok.

              Let me know if you have any suggestions.
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                LonnieFe Level 1
                Ok, I got this working, FINALLY!

                Out of desparation, I uninstalled just about all of my Adobe software. Then I cleaned the Adobe entries in the Registry and removed the excess Application Data from my c:\Documents and Settings folder. Then I rebooted my computer and disabled my Antivirus software. I was able to install the entire Master Collection without any errors.

                This was a waste of a perfectly good week. It would have been helpful if the install program did this for me. My company paid good money for this software, not to mention my time to troubleshoot the installation. I have no beta software on this computer so I'm not sure how I got into this state.

                Good luck, all ye followers!