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    Have RoboServer...now what?

      We've purchased RH 7, and RH Server 7. We've installed RoboHelp and are happy with what we've seen so far. However, now we're ready to start taking advantage of the Natural Language Search, versioning, usability reports and publishing features that come with RH Server. So, now what? I can't seem to find anything that help me beyond installing the software onto the server? After it's installed, how does RH 'talk' to it? How do I look at usability reports? How do I publish or use versino control. Anyone info is greatly appreciated!!!!!

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          Installing RH Server 7 should be as easy as installing any other package. Previous versions required you set-up all manner of permissions but this is removed in the latest version. Just follow the install wizzard. If you have any specific problems with the publishing of projects, you can post these in the RoboEngine forum. RoboEngine was the name of RoboHelp Server under a previous incarnation!