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    I don't know wich 'platform' to use

      All Im trying to create is apage to add to our companys intranet. Our dept. has a portal page on this network.
      Im using Robohelp to create a nice looking 'storage' area for reports and documents etc.... our web is very basic and not very user friendly in terms of storing and displaying document....hence Robo help. My question is, wich platform should I be using with my project? I will be uploading this to our company intranet. Users will simply click on the reports/documents they want to see and print possibly. Help?

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi there lakle1 and welcome to our community

          By "platform", do you mean to ask about PC, Mac, LINUX/UNIX? Or are you instead asking about the Output? (.CHM vs WebHelp/FlashHelp)?

          RoboHelp only runs in Windows. As for the output, you would typically want a .CHM if you want the user to access the help off the local C drive. Or WebHelp/FlashHelp if you plan to deploy via a company intranet or off the internet.

          Hopefully this helps some... Rick
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            lakle1 Level 1
            Excellent. Thank your for your quick reply. Your correct - Im referring to the output, also yes it will be on a server.
            I think Im on the right track. Thanks again!