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    What script to pan rectangle and not a square here ?

    envirographics Level 1
      Real simple one for coders...honest :-)
      Total newbie to scripting, but urgently needing to know what to alter in script for simple free zoom and pan image file http://www.flashkit.com/movies/Scripting/Imager_v-Erin_Bre-5884/index.php so as to pan a rectangular image of 709 x 501pixels (A4 proportions) as opposed to the square in the FREEWARE file. Currently the pan works fully westward and stops so far eastward at what would be the squares limit. Author hasn't responded to two emails asking how ...his/her info text file says no support so guess thats why :-) ? I need this file , does exactly what I want, and is supposed to be moddable for rectanguar images.
      Really need to resolve this simple problem now after weeks of waiting.
      Would losing the borders and putting zoom controls onto the image cause a problem ?