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    Edge Animate transition to new platform?

    jomo5280 Level 1

      Over the years, I have built a robust and extensive "badging" program with visual interactive experiences built with Edge Animate.

      The client loves it, I love it, and all of their audience loves these experiences. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years building these out.

      Now that Edge Animate is dead, It seems pretty bleak for us to stay on this platform. We are deciding if we need to move on to another platform (even if we have to completely rebuild everything  - ughhh). Something easy, powerful, and quick to deploy like EA is. I have heard of similar apps like Hype, but was wondering if anybody has successfully transitioned to a new platform that is as powerful as EA and is going to have a shelf life well into the future? We feel like we got shafted after investing into this platform and it simply fades out. The New Adobe Animate is basically just Flash that compiles to Canvas. The interface is as clunky as it was back in 1999 - so i would dread building it in that antiquated bogus product.


      Any recommendations or experiences would be greatly appreciated!