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    Need Sabon font, not available in Acrobat DC, help?


      Hello - I am a writer and the publishing company prepared my final typeset book in Sabon. I downloaded Acrobat DC to edit the document, which works great - but it does not have Sabon and is defaulting to Minion Pro, which is close, but different.

      Is it possible to download Sabon from somewhere and make it an option in Acrobat DC?

      If not, which version of Adobe Acrobat has Sabon and where can I download?

      I am so frustrated right now and getting behind in my project. I tried the chat and she was not able to point me in any direction.

      Thank you!

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          You can purchase any font and install it on your computer, but that doesn't mean it will succeed in editing. You won't know until you try. HOWEVER, what you are doing should not be done - a typeset work should not be edited as a PDF, the ORIGINAL should be edited. It wasn't made in PDF, it was converted to PDF as the last step.


          If the company has asked for corrections, absolutely do not try to edit the text: this would be a disaster for you as you would have to redo it properly. They want you to mark up the corrections, to tell them what to do.

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