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    LR export upsizing


      i'm using ADOBE LIGHTROOM CC 2015

      i shoot NIKON D3s RAW NEF files that are 4256 x 2832 px

      my stock agency needs the short side to be 3400 px

      after optimizing all the photos

      what's the best way to RESIZE them (UPSIZE)

      when EXPORTING them

      specifically what WIDTH+HEIGHT / DIMENSIONS

      boxes need to be CHECKED or UNCHECKED

      what can i safely change to give them the PIXEL DIMENSIONS (PPI) they need ?

      thanks again



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would recommend simply specifying pixel dimensions with the short side being 3400 pixels. PPI doesn't matter. The short side will be 3400 pixels in length regardless of whether the PPI is 72, or 300, or 600, or whatever.

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