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    Essential Audio loudness when using Balanced Voice presets

    mike@citizenfilm.org Level 1

      I'd like to use the "Balanced Male Voice" and "Balanced Female Voice" presets in the Essential Sound panel. Judging from the interface, these presets should Auto-Match loudness of the clips to -23 LUFS, in addition to all the vocal enhancement effects. However, I find that these presets set the loudness of the clips much higher, around -17 LUFS.


      Put another way:


      • I take a clip and measure its native loudness using the Loudness Radar in the Audio Track Mixer. The native loudness is -33 LUFS.
      • I label it Dialog in the Essential Sound panel and click Auto-Match. The loudness is now about -23 LUFS, right where it should be.
      • I now apply the Balanced Male or Female preset. The clip is now much too loud, around -17 LUFS. I get the same result when applying the presets to a clip where I've refreshed the settings.
      • Reducing the gain by 6db does not bring it back to -23 LUFS, but somewhere in the middle.


      Am I missing something? Is this a bug? My goal is to be able to mix to a consistent average loudness, but I'd also like to avail myself of these dialog presets.


      Thank you!  

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You've got a good point here. I hadn't tried that combo for some reason, and got the same result.


          I got looking in the Clip mixer, then the Track mixer, with everything zeroed ... and noticed the Clip mixer was showing loudness down between 45 and 16 before doing anything, with the 'meter' above that number showing the same. Go to the Track mixer, the levels shown by number at the bottom of each track's control were the same, but the 'vu meter' showing above that for each track were much higher, maybe 15-20 points up. Huh.


          Then applied the Apply match button ... brought the average up to about -23 LUFs.


          Added the Balanced Male ... and the LUFs figure displayed the same but loudness was up a fair amount, both by the vu meter and the output from my system. You're quite correct.


          I'd love it if someone had a better idea of what is going on here!