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    The Tale of Adobe Jeff Clifford.


      3 days ago I had a question regarding Adobe Lightroom. You can see it here: https://forums.adobe.com/collaborations/108391
      Right after I posted, someone called Adobe Jeff Clifford has contacted me regarding my problem.


      Long story short: he wanted to talk to me on Skype. Once there, he asked me for my adobe login and password details.

      Since i don't really use this account this much I changed my password to something stupid and sent to him and changed it again after a couple of minutes.


      But you can see everything on the attached files. Wondering if Adobe has something to say about it?






      IMG_8349.PNGIMG_8350.PNGIMG_8351.PNGIMG_8352.PNGIMG_8353.PNGIMG_8354.PNGIMG_8355.PNGIMG_8356.PNGIMG_8357.PNGIMG_8358.PNGScreen Shot 2018-10-27 at 12.32.15.pngScreen Shot 2018-10-27 at 12.32.51.png

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          URGENT NOTIFICATION: Beware of fraudulent support requests


          We have received a number of reports where some members of this community are posing as Adobe Employees by offering to help troubleshoot issues personally using technologies such as Skype as a means to gain access to your computer and potentially your personal information. All Adobe employees are required to have a red Adobe logo next to their user profile which can be seen if you mouse-over their profile picture.

          More information about phishing can be found at Phishing @ Adobe