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    Lightroom imports old photo into new import


      For some reason, I keep getting old photos in the middle of my new imports into Lightroom. They match the camera's photo number but from 10,000 photos ago or whatever. Lightroom presumes their the same and doesn't build a proper preview for it. So it looks like the photo from way back. I have Standard Previews selected on import.


      What should I do? Reformat SD after each import? Check different box for creation of Smart Previews?

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          JohanElzenga Adobe Community Professional

          Sounds like there may be a problem with your previews cache. Open the Lightroom catalog folder and remove 'catalogname previews.lrdata' from it. Then start Lightroom. Initially you will see no previews at all, but then Lightroom starts to rebuild the cache so they should appear again one by one. If that solves the problem, then you can trash the old previews cache.

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            Tim PR Level 1

            This may not be your issue, but I just solved a similar problem. I had set a custom import to re-name the files on import. When I tried to import 2 different cards from the same date, that created duplicate files that continued to reference the first import. When I looked into the folder, both sets of photos were there with the same filenames.


            1. be careful when setting up custom file import naming.

            2. be sure to include some unique identifier.

            3. Adobe should fix it so you can't have files with the same filename.

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              cmgap Adobe Community Professional

              Please post a screen shot of what you are referring to. It is a good idea to reformat your cards via the camera after you've downloaded your images.

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                Tim PR Level 1

                Thanks for the reformatting tip - I reformatted the sd disk in these tests. This is related to my post earlier. 4 photos taken of 2 different objects on 2 different SD disks. These are with the same camera, but the issue happens with 2 different cameras also.


                Again, the solution is to be careful in renaming files on import.


                FIrst Import 2018-11-05 at 10.46.46 AM.png


                After Import of 1st Set 2018-11-05 at 10.54.56 AM.png


                2nd Import 2018-11-05 at 10.57.49 AM.png


                2nd import Folder View 2018-11-05 at 10.59.09 AM.png


                Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 11.02.35 AM.png


                Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 11.08.21 AM.png

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                  cmgap Adobe Community Professional

                  Thank you Tim. I was asking the original poster to upload a screen shot of the problem they were encountering.

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                    davidg36166309 Level 4

                    Rename using Date-Sequance? And that is exactly what it is doing.

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                      davidg36166309 Level 4

                      Following does not answer your problem, but an observation.


                      From your screen shots, apparently you are saving your catalog to your boot drive, in fact, perhaps on your desktop. Why?


                      Recommend that if you only have the one drive, that you at least save to a folder, not to the desktop, a folder separate from the application.


                      Not sure, if your on a MAC Book, or a MAC Pro, Mac etc etc. IF a MAC Book, just how big is your internal hard drive? Perhaps catalog on an external drive?


                      In a dream world, where you have the money, and your computer allows for modifications, you would have your programs on your boot drive, your files, including Lightroom catalogs on a separate internal drive, your scratch disks (CACHE etc) on a seperate internal drive, And at least one external for backups, Going a step further, some place the LR Catalog on an internal Solid State drive for speed.


                      Now, I am a retired I.T. manager (Information Tech Manager, security manager, network manager, contract manager, etc etc). And yes, we I.T. Mgt Nerds have a bad attitude concerning users saving everything to Desktop, You know how we roll are eyes, make a snide remark, and look at the user like that person is some kind of (censored). So, yes, my view on saving to the desktop is very very opinionated.

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                        davidg36166309 Level 4

                        I was about to go into a long convoluted step by step instruction on moving your catalog and then even longer on reorginizing. Instaead a few perhaps you can try ideas.


                        Look at where your catalog is stored, if it is in fact at the root of your MAC drive, perhaps mive it into your users folder, and a specific sub folder, perhaps call it My Lightroom, what ever.


                        Now consider modifying the folders within your catalog. Perrhaps this is a bit (censored) of me, but make a folder specific to RAW images, a folder specific to TIFF images (for example prep for third party plugins, that want TIFF insttead of RAW), maybey one for JPEG (prep for printing off site, for sharing without the Publish Service, etc). This all from within LR


                        In each folder make sub folders to seperate out photo shoots, or projects, or concepts, etc.

                        Get away from those date specific sub folders, just clobers things up.


                        Move your images from wherever they are, it appears they may be in multiple locations on your hard drive.


                        Consider changing your file naming syntax, perhaps one based on date/time of capture tiem.


                        If not already, consider using catagories to help sort out whats what.


                        I just think things have gotten too complex on just what realestate on your hard drive files are actually stored in.

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                          davidg36166309 Level 4

                          OK, after this I will stop digging my grave deeper.


                          Its a few of your screen shots indicating images are being stored under Desktop that bug me, and Apparently I go off on that.


                          However, (yes we saw that coming). first screen shot shows images being sred under User, not desktop, so multiple (at least two) locations images are being stored in your catalog, one under desktop (as parrent folder), one somewhere under user (as parent folder), yes that can be done, but is it conflicing things? are the same images in both?