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    A strange question

      My situation is:

      I have a movie clip instance (a box which slides in and then 5 buttons appear on top of it) which functions as the navigation. Buttons are contained within the movie clip instance.
      A mouse click on a button slides the box into the "page", then another click slides it back out.

      In addition to that, I'd like the box to slide out automatically after a period of inactivity. I'm using setInterval to do this and I'm using it on onRollOut event. This is where my problems begin. If I do: "slider_mc.onRollOut", suddenly the over-states on my buttons become disabled. If I make a big empty button covering the same area as my slider_mc, and if I put that big empty button below my navigation buttons, then buttons function ok on over states but hovering them is considered a RollOut of my big button and triggers my sequence inappropriately.

      Does this make any sense?
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          blemmo Level 1
          Totally makes sense, if you know some things about Flash. One thing to know is the fact that there is no event propagation from parent to child clips, that's why your buttons stop working when the MC gets an event assigned. You can read more on this here: http://www.senocular.com/flash/tutorials/buttoncapturing/.
          Maybe one of the solutions described there can help you here. I think a quite easy way would be using your 2nd approach (the one with the big button), and just adding a check in the rollOut event of the button that checks if the mouse is really outside the button area, and only then fires the setInterval. When the mouse is over a button, it's still inside the area, in that case don't start the setInterval.