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    Lightroom problem when switching from Library module to Develop module

    jeffroscoe Level 1

      I recently clicked on an unknown spot on the screen. This seems to have made a change in how things work as prior to this when I had a photo open in the Library and then clicked Develop to make adjustments, the same photo would be there.  Now it's some other photo from within the group of photos I'm working in.


      I usually scroll though the "Loupe View" and the small pics at the bottom of the screen would scroll along.  I could stop on any photo, click Develop and the pic would be the same one and I could make adjustments. I could switch back a forth between Library and Develop and the picture would be the same one. Now, the small pics at the bottom don't scroll along and when I switch to Develop it goes back to whichever pic is highlighted in the small pics at the bottom scroll bar.


      Any ideas on how to get the small versions at the bottom to scroll along while scrolling through pics in the Loupe View?