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    WebService Soap Attashments WS-ATtachment

      Hello All,
      I'm looking at uploading some files from a Flex application to a WebService using WS-Attachment in Soap request. Is this supported in Flex? What would be the appropriate workaround? Just using Flex's FileReference, which seems to wrap standard HTTP upload stuff?
      If necessary, I'd be interesting in writing my own WebService call that can send binary attachments.

      Thanks for any suggestions.
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          I remember looking into this issue about 1 yr ago. I was hoping to send binary attachments such as images and video via the WebService flex component. I discovered that this currently isn't possible and was hoping that this W3C standard be implemented in an upcoming release. The alternative to this is to what you have already touched on...the FileReference class to upload/download any type of file to/from the server such as MSWord docs, images, video, etc.

          Bob I.