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    Bookmarks do not in  Topic Properties - Why?


      When I add a bookmark to a topic and link the bookmark to an index entry, the bookmark / index entry does not appear in the Index tab of the Topic Properties dialog box.

      Presumably the bookmark is part of the topic properties, and, to me it should appear. Is there are setting which requires adjusment to display the bookmarks in the Topic Properties dialog box?

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          ElisaFnord Level 2
          I'm not sure your assumption is correct. I think the bookmark is just a little piece of "find me here" code in the topic text. The only tight connection is that the topic filename is part of the path to the bookmark.

          The Project pane does display bookmarks as if they were sub-topics, but the Project pane displays other things that aren't properties (like image map links). So I don't think that's a reliable guide.

          Bottom line - you're a pro (I recognize your handle), and if you can't find a setting for this, there probably isn't one.

          I wonder if one of the reports might help you manage your bookmark index links?

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            CRO1 Level 1

            Thank you for your comments and pointing me in the right direction.

            In the Topic Properties Report, you are able to view topic bookmarks and index entries linked to the topic and/or bookmark.

            Have a good one,