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    Adding WebHelp to the program

      I've successfully created a large WebHelp project in RoboHelp 7. So far, so good. I've generated it and it looks fine. However, now I need to integrate it into the program that it's designed to offer help for.

      How is this done? The generated SSL folder contains all the files that the WebHelp project needs to run. But how do you call a file from the project at the appropriate place in the program?

      I've created a map file which assigns map numbers to each topic in the project. Does anyone know how these are used to call the topics within a program?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Aska555.
          There are two sides to this. First calling the help file from a Help menu in the application and secondly calling a CSH topic via a Help dialog button or the F1 key. Both are handled differently. For the former, speak to your developer who will have to code the application to call the projectname.htm file in your project. You will publish all the files to a set location to which the application will call. For the later, Peter Grainge has written this link for calling webhelp.