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    Can't get compiled clip to play in any other frame except frame 1

    jshrek Level 1
      Okay, I'm new to Flash, so just learning...

      I have encoded a avi file into flv. I import the flv into the stage, and it comes up as a Compiled Clip with the name FLVPlayback & Linkage:FLVPlayback in frame 1 in layer 1.

      I can publish this no problem, and it works just fine.

      Now, if I drag frame 1 into frame 2 (or any other frame), and leave frame 1 empty, it will no longer play, even when I hit CTRL+ENTER to preview the file. I can create a new layer and add some text to the this new layer in frame 1 (which will show up), but the flv in frame 2 never plays.

      I'm sure it's a simple fix, but I haven't been able to figure why it's doing this!

      Thanks in advance.