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    Capturing video in Captivate

      We develop video editors and I need to create some (a lot) of courseware for our products. I was told that Captivate can capture a video that is playing on the screen. So far, I haven't been able to that. I have a trial version and need to know if Captivate can ACTUALLY capture video.
      Can anyone help me out?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          If you mean capture "video" as in dynamically moving images, yes Captivate can do that, but you might be happier with a tool that is specifically designed for the purpose of creating AVIs from moving content. Captivate 3 does a good job on short (10 seconds) video captures, though.

          Try that out by beginning a recording, then when you wish to capture an action, press the function key F9 to begin "full-motion" capture. Press the function key F10 to stop your full-motion recording, and continue the recording normally. There is also an option to record the whole recording in full-motion. Be aware that your file size is likely going to be large, if you are capturing a lengthy dynamic activity. Good luck!