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    LR Classic CC - Looking for missing folder in error




      Basically, got a null pointer exception .



      In holidays, I'm using my laptop (Macbook Pro from the office ) as a backup and initial triage station...

      Coming back home, I'm using my regular PC. So exported the "folder as a catalog" from the Mac, directly to the NAS.

      Here is the trick: I moved the parent folder where the images were to a parent one to reflect my regular structure.


      Exported to: P:\Sorties USA\2018-10-20_Grand Canyon

      Pictures were in: P:\Sorties USA\2018-10-20_Grand Canyon\2018-10-20_Grand Canyon


      I renamed P:\Sorties USA\2018-10-20_Grand Canyon to P:\Sorties USA\2018-10-20_Grand Canyon-Data

      Then moved P:\Sorties USA\2018-10-20_Grand Canyon-Data\2018-10-20_Grand Canyon to P:\Sorties USA\2018-10-20_Grand Canyon


      Hence, I got the expected "!":



      My steps

      Sorry for the French language... .




      And here you go:


      Amazingly, when choosing a sub-folder, it works :



      Additional information

      Using Windows 7. P: is a samba mount on a Synology NAS.

      Just updated LR-Classic CC (Version 1193777, that is not possible to copy... really??!)


      Hope it will help you figure out, I tried to provide as much details as I could (developer is still inside me!).


      Wilfried Loche