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    How to use Program window to pan and zoom


      I am using the Motion effect to pan and zoom, changing the numbers there. Instead of adjusting the numbers, I'd like to enlarge an image or video by grabbing the handles in the Program window, and also drag to reposition. While I can double-click on the image and then drag, I don't see how I can enlarge. I thought I used to be able to do this - what am I missing?

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          Meg The Dog Adobe Community Professional

          Double click on the image in the Program Monitor so you can manipulate the image with your mouse. Use the Select Zoom Level Drop down menu (in the lower left where it usually says "Fit") to reduct the size of the display in the Program Monitor to where you can see the blue outline with the control points. Click and drag on the points to resized the image. When done, reset the display size to "Fit" if you wish.



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