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    custom component

      hello everyone.
      i made an as class called "MyButton",when i make pages in "design made" in flex builder, it always show in the category “custom component ” of "component view", now i wonder how to make "MyButton" invisible.
      thank a lot first...
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          delete the MyButton.mxml??? remove import components.*; or/and xmlns:components="components.*"? if that is you catalog name for components
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            ringx007 Level 1
            first thank you for you answer,but i think i didn't make me understood....

            i means:
            when you make mxml pages, you can use the "Design" mode of Flex Builder.Now I make a component, but it will show in the "Components view" of Flex Builder, I want make this component do Not show in the "Components view" ,not to delete it...