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    Random Frame Popping Up in Premiere Pro 12.1.1 Sequence

    bobb80864073 Level 1

      I experienced a strange error today in Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 (version 12.1.1) in which I duplicated a sequence, made some edits, and then in one of my clips, there was consistently a random frame popping up from another, earlier clip in the sequence. When I toggled frame by frame, I could still see this same random frame pop up (even though I was looking at a clip that definitely doesn't include that frame). After a few seconds, though, Premiere would suddenly change the frame to the correct one. But it would never go away when playing the sequence.


      I tried restarting Premiere (and my entire computer), and I tried changing the Playback resolution to 1/4. Nothing worked. I decided to delete the sequence and make another copy. This time, everything was fine. Does anyone know what caused this weird bug? Does this mean that my project is somehow corrupt? Thank you so much.