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    Gradually slowed down when editing.


      I have a problem that is gradually slowed down when editing.
      I edit by using Premiere CC.
      I edit an average two hour video. This is a teaching video.
      I shoot with 5 cameras for 2 hours, So five clips of two hours are created
      I edit five 2-hour video clips with a 'Create multi-camera Source Sequence' on Premiere CC.
      I change Movie Clips on average every 5 seconds ~ 10 seconds
      When I start editing, it will be previewed at normal speed.
      However, after about an hour, it slows down when changing clips.
      The movie is frozen and the sound comes first.
      After a while the video will come out and match the sound.
      This happens frequently when changing clips.
      CPU usage is 30% under normal circumstances. However, when it starts to slow down, it increases to 60% or more and repeats to fall
      The CPU temperature at the time of preview is about 40 to 50 degrees
      But when it gets slower, it suddenly goes up to 68 degrees.
      It does not slow down because the temperature rises, it slows down first and the temperature rises.
      It does not always slow down when changing clips. But it gets very frequent in about an hour.
      Movie Clip Source - FHD(1920*1080), 60i
      Running Time - 2 hour
      Movie Clip quantity - 5qty (2 hours per Clip)
      How to edit - 'Create multi-camera Source Sequence'
      Sequence Timebase - 59.94fps
      video Previews File Format: I-Frame Only MPEG

      **PC Specifications**
      OS: Windows10 64bit
      CPU: Intel i7-4770 3.40GHz 8Core
      RAM: 32GB
      NVIDIA GeForce GTX970

      I ask for your advice...