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    button script won't repeat when multiple x's pressed

      hi all,
      I"ve a button that sends user along the timeline, (there are four buttons on this particular page) For the initial press, they work as expected. But If I press the same button a second time, it moves it's way down the timeline, instead of repeatedly playing the swf at that frame label. Is there a way to tell this button that I want it to play the swf at the frame label I've asked...again?..and as many times as pressed?..not to move on down the timeline?
      (at each label, i do have a "stop():" on the actions layer above it.)

      if you could take a look at this and give me your thoughts I'd appreciate it.

      button name: "btn_04"
      label name: "ggcStart"
      empty movie clip to display swf: "swfHolder_ggc"
      swf: "ggc_creature"

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          pow_haaweeese Level 1
          hello all,
          if it would help, you can see the result of the above code here:


          >go to flash nav button (near left of the three windows on home page).

          >once on flash page, you'll see four small nav buttons bottom right.

          if you click on one of those. it plays, you click on the next one, it plays... but if you click any of them more than once, it doesn't play, (does nothing) on that second click..but...if you click it a third time, it does replay. So that second click is sending it somewhere...but I'm not directing it...and not sure where it goes, or why it goes there. I don't understand this, as I'm sending it (onRelease) to a specific frame label on the timeline. Why would it not just go there again, just as initially pressed when I press it a second time.

          Anyway...any thoughts on this would be much appreciated, I'm almost finished with this...my "gotta find a job in a hurry" website.