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    Can't "ADD" photos to Catalog with External SSD (worked untill now)




      I have read many discussion about this but couldn't find a solution for my problem, these are the details:


      - I use and external SSD as storage for all my photos

      - I copy from camera SD to the external SSD and organize in folders myself (with name and date of the trip)

      - I use "add" in Lightroom Import so I keep the photos in the external SSD and I use the same folder name structure in Lightroom Library

      - I've used this since the beginning (more than 8 years now)

      - Lighroom Classic CC is updated to last version available today

      - Since few days I can't "add" to catalog from External SSD anymore, only copy the all photos

      - I use Mac and the external SSD is formatted in Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

      - The external SSD includes a lot of folders named: "location of trip - dates", e.g. "Cornwall - 10-15 October 2018".


      I'm aware that Lightroom doesn't permit to Add from a thumb drive or camera SD/CF/XQD, but this is not the case since it's an external SSD and also using the Terminal I can see the external SSD is recognized as "fixed" by MacOS (not wrongly recognized as "removable").


      So, if the OS seems to recognize the SSD correctly as a Fixed external SSD, and everything was correctly working for years, what could be the problem? How can I fix it?

      This problem is causing a lot of trouble to my workflow and the post-processing queue is getting longer.