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    Flipping book


      I´´m looking for some help with a thing on my book, I only got 2 pages so far but the problem is this: When I click on the right side of the page it flipps like it should do, and when I click on the page 1 link on page 2 it goes back to page 1. BUT if I go to the end of the book and both pages are flipped to left, there are a button that should get back to page 1 again.

      It does but now to the real problem, when it´s done then the page 2 is on top instead of page 1 and the right side click is gone. What have I done wrong? If you want you can look at the book on: http://www.mickesei.se/test/sidE.html

      I have tried swapDepths but it don´t work. The get back_btn has a onEnterFrame page1.prevFrame(); function is that the problem?

      PLEASE some one HELP me....