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    Adobe Dynamic Link vs Essential graphics


      I have AE project that was created by another designer. it is the whole broadcast package with around 90 compositions.

      recently I was required to make changes of the Font. I was thinking to recreate all mogrt files again and send to editors but then found out that they were using AE project as a Dynamic Link. So now I am not clear. What are benefits of using mogrt files in premier in front of dynamic linked project? They still have the same editable options of the elements, plus I don't need to explain them by phone ( mostly work remotely in other cities) how to export new mogrt file from ae. So not sure. Do I miss anything? Thank you so much in advance.

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you make a mogrt in PrPro, and pass it on ... everything of that mogrt can be changed by subsequent editors.


          When you make a mogrt in Ae, and pass it on ... only those things you set within the EGP panel in Ae for editors to change will be changeable within PrPro. So for many things in Ae created mogrts, you need to open them in Ae to be able to modify unless it is a parameter specifically set in Ae for change withing PrPro.


          This is a major cool feature of Ae produced mogrts. Say you've got branding for a company, particular specified fonts, colors, shapes, and logos. Produce mogrts in Ae, allow the user to change say size/location/movement. They cannot change the specified branding elements however.


          Now ... share the mogrts via a company-wide shared Library within CC. The head office says we're switching fonts. Go into Ae, replace the font, and then publish that under the same name to the company shared library. Every editor instantly has the new graphics with changed fonts, and does not have access to the old fonts anymore in that graphic.


          Does that help?



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            Thank you so much for reply! I actually understand all these feathers and I don't speak about creating mogrt in Prpro now. My misunderstanding is when I suggested to send editors new mogrt elements, they said that they use dynamic link project instead and never heard about mogrt. As I understand dynamic linked project, created before in AE, (not by me) - works in the same way as mogrt elements. -editors import the project to Prpro and can use all the comps as the effects, changing only that things that supposed to be changed.( down left corner on the image) .That's why I don't understand do we need to move to mogrt or stay with dynamic project. (Again if the font or color required to be changed by me - it is easier to explain the editors how to open AE template file and save it with a new changes rather then explain how to reexport new mogrt file and import it in Prpro. I attached screens of comps used as dynamic links (on the left)  and the mogrt (on the right) . Sorry but still not clear:)Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 9.30.07 AM.png

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              R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The old "Legacy" Titler stuff ... which created all those assets in the Project bin you're showing ... are a completely different thing than the new EGP. They don't mix.


              And ... anything titled "Legacy" ... may be dropped at some point. The future is only guaranteed in switching to mogrts.


              Mogrts currently cannot be 'stored' in bins. Only in the local folders created through the EGP or in CC Libraries. This change of workflow is painful if you try to make it the same as it's always been ... but fluid and fast if you learn the new and fully adopt it rather than trying to stay with the same-seeming process. It does require some education of those using it.


              In a shop with a number of editors, I would suggest you or someone learning the new stuff and designing a new workflow for the editors, then holding a session where you teach them how you want them to proceed now.


              Editors can store their own elements created in PrPro in the "local" folder within the EGP panel, or in their own CC Library then accessible either from the Library panel or the EGP when set to show local libraries. They can also use shared libraries so all the editors can add things to the group's asset structure and use at need.


              And the person up top the chain can use the process I said for Ae mogrts to create some with branding hard-wired, yet the editors using still have enough control to modify to need.


              There's an ebook just out ... by master PrPro/Ae workflow maestro Jarle Leirpoll. Adobe, after checking & approving the content, decided to make it available free through their own website ... it's here:




              If you check the credits & thanks at the end ... well ... I was the general proofreader of English style/grammar/punctuation, as though Jarle writes better in English than most folks I know, he is natively Norwegian. Ja vi elsker dette landet ...


              It's an excellent resource on making mogrts, including things like using simple copied expressions to give animations and color/font controls that supposedly can't be done through Mogrts, passing the choices to change between options to the end-user in PrPro. He really covers the whole process in a very easy to read and try layout within the book.


              I would also suggest that you go to his website ...




              And check through all the stuff there for the wondrous production ideas and tools he has. Especially ... no shop should be without his prior massive ebook, The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro. It's not play stuff ... this is 1100+ pages of highly organized, very specific production processes & workflow to both make anyone in PrPro far more organized, and producing work far faster ... with fewer problems.


              I've looked through many books, been through most of the lynda.com courses, and that book is by far the best and easiest/fastest resource for getting things done ... and once you've done them, much faster the next time! ... than anything else I've seen. Best money I've spent in PrPro training aid.





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                Hey Neil,


                Thank you so much! Thank you for your help and detailed explanation. All this is so helpful for me! The book that you shared is amazing! Actually I was looking for this information on web  - but here is a  full tutorial with all that I need.


                We are definitely going to move to essential graphics, and all the your information that you shared is extremely helpful for me.


                Thanks again!

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                  R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Well, hey ... I just like to get people working ... whether with or at times around the software/gear/media, just ... working.


                  The EGP and mogrts thing has amazing wonders. And still, some shortfalls. If you can adapt around the shortfalls, the wonders of the new toy ... er, tool ... tool ... um ... are quite handy.