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    Accordion + FLV Playback component

      I have a requirement in which i need to keep adding childs to accordion which has a flv player inside each child node and the new one getting selected in accordion and all this is done through actionscript.

      But when a new node is created and flv player is added it is not playing the flv file. But when i trace the source path of the flv player thats coming for the component it is coming fine. I am unable to understand why the flv player is not able to read the path and play it. It gives the following error:
      1000: Unable to make connection to server or to find FLV on server

      But i check the file on the server and it is avalible in the path that is being returned from the trace

      Can somebody please help me out on this...
      Thanks in advance.

      Sri Krishna Dasu.