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    Timeline scrubbing now totally broken?

    Mobius Strip Level 2

      I'm on version 13.0, under Mac OS 10.14.


      This started out as: Audio scrubbing is totally broken. But it turned out that the last update inexplicably turned off "play audio while scrubbing."


      Even with audio scrubbing re-enabled, overall scrubbing is still broken in the timeline. If you use the arrow keys, the audio loops a fraction of a second but the cursor doesn't move. So scrubbing in the timeline is broken for both audio and video.


      Audio scrubbing works in the Source monitor.


      Update: Timeline scrubbing is broken when "show audio units" is activated.


      Audio selection in the Source monitor is now hosed; it appears that you can't position the cursor anywhere but on a frame boundary, and there's no "show audio units" option or equivalent for that monitor.


      The end result is the same: I can't do a simple edit with music.