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    Premiere Pro Won't Open Projects


      Hello all,


      I am a support tech in the IT department for our company. We have a user that is having issues opening projects. If Premiere is open and she tries to open a project through there, it will load but just show a black screen. If she tries to open the files directly from the hard drive, it will attempt to load and the spinning rainbow wheel will appear. That is as far as it goes.


      She is using a Mac Book Pro that was recently updated to Mojave. She is also a new employee with the company using the previous employees Mac Book. I was not aware of any issues the previous employee was having. I tried removing and reinstalling the program, still no fix. Also tried a permission fix that I found on here, didn't help. I know that it isn't an issue with the files because we were able to open in Premiere on a different Mac Book running the same OS


      I don't know much about the program, I never have used it.


      Any suggestions will be very appreciated!