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    Aspect Ratio Vs Resolution

    matteob50581971 Level 1



      I have a problem that I can't quite understand and it might be a stupid question but I need to ask anyway.


      I'm currently working on a indie movie.

      The movie was shot in 4K (3840x2160) in 16:9 ratio.

      At first, to make a cinematic look, I created a sequence on 16:9 and then I added the cinematic bars (Top and Bottom) to simulate the 2.39 ratio.

      Then I looked a little more into it and it seems like the best solution is actually create the 2.39 ratio sequence and so I did.

      I created a sequence that is 3840x1606 with the intention to export later in 3840x2160 which will automatically create the black bars.


      First of all does anybody think that this is really the best solution?


      Second: am I losing any quality by doing that? somehow, the footage looks a little less sharp when the sequence is in 2.39 aspect ratio. I tried rendering it and it still not 100% as good as before.  (please keep in mind that my video preview setting are: 1920x1080 or in the case of the 2.39 sequence: 1920x803. But so it was before, and still when I use the 16:9 ration, it looks sharper) Is it all in my Mind?


      Thank you so much to anybody willing to share an opinion.