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    Create keyword from filename


      I've seen many posts regarding this subject, but no solution that works for me. Here's what I need:


      I have thousands of images imported into my catalog. Each has a unique filename that identifies the location and date of the shoot.


      I will be exporting the images for use in a project for other people to use. I will be exporting the images into several folders which will be used to categorise the images.  The images in each folder will be renamed during export as 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg and so on. This is a requirement of the project and cannot be changed.


      I want to retain the original lightroom catalog filenames in the exported images in some way as a reference. For example, when I look up the keywords for 001.jpg in Windows Explorer I want to see the original lightroom catalog filename as a keyword.


      I know I can copy and paste the filename as a keyword, but I don't want to do this for 1000s of images.


      Is there an automated way to do this?


      I have Lightroom 6, Photoshop and Bridge installed.