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    Premiere Pro and Media Encoder CC 2018 Export Problem!


      Hello Adobe community


      I have been using Premiere and Media Encoder for a very long time and started about recently that my export has some problems with Media Encoder. 1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg


      Please find the above stills. I keep getting this kind of frame glitch, or splits if you call, while exporting and after exporting, you get this result. My computer is iMac and my current export setting is H.264, 23.976 fps, Render At Maximum Depth, VBR 2 Pass both 32, Key Frame Distance, and Use Maximum Render Quality. I have used this same setting for a very long time but now I'm getting this kind of annoying glitches. Is it the problem of the setting before export or is it the problem of Media Encoder?


      Anyone who can help with this is most appreciated.


      Thank you very much




      Chris Film Presents