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    What means "deferred for Moxie"?

    aNOOBe Level 1
      Some issues in the Flex Bug System are stated as "resolved" and commented as "deferred for Moxie". As I'm not a native english speaker, I'm not really sure what it means:
      1. is it implemented in the current development version and it will be released in the final version of FB3 (Moxie)?
      2. is it planned to be implemented in the final release of FB3?
      3. is it planned to be implemented after the release final release of FB3?
      4. something else ... ?
        • 1. What means "deferred for Moxie"?
          Mihai Corlan Adobe Employee
          Hi aNOOBe ,

          "Deffered for Moxie" means that will not be implemented for final release of Moxie. It maybe or maybe not implemented in future release.

          Mihai Corlan
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            Ansury Level 3
            But in some cases, it seems to mean "we have no idea how bad it would be to put this off, but we're doing it anyway", I guess.


            Thought refactoring (like Eclipse/Java's refactoring works) was going to be included in FB3?

            Take a look at that link and you decide if it actually supports refactoring if it only works for renames - not moves.
            • 3. What means "deferred for Moxie"?
              aNOOBe Level 1
              Hi Ansury!

              I think the bug resolution for FB-9556 is a little bit different from the issues with a "deferred for Moxie" comment.
              - FB-9556 has as Fixed Version the entry (Planning) Post Moxie - Next Build.
              - The issue FB-11026 has the entry RC1 - 192478, so I think it could be included in the final release.
              - The issue FB-9016 has also a comment "deferred for moxie" but the Fixed Version entry is (Planning) Post Moxie - Next Build.

              So I think the "Fixed Version" entry is the essential information and the comment "deferred for moxie" could be is little bit misleading.