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    flex_sdk_3_192625 mxml class path problem

    tinylion_uk Level 2
      thought I'd mention this in case it wasn't known to happen in this build


      Take this example

      adding an itemRender to a List with itmeRenderer not in source root

      a file foo.mxml that’s in the folder com\blah\blah\view\foo.mxml has element
      <mx:List id="myListNav" itemRenderer="com.blah.blah.renderer.ListRenderer" />
      ListRenderer.mxml is in in com\blah\blah\renderer\ListRenderer.mxml

      throughs a comiple error

      works file if adding renderer via AS

      works fine with M4Beta3

      Like I said, I know nightly's are not supposed to work in every way, nut thought I should let you know