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    KobeForThreeYes Level 1
      suppose the following is my matching game, consisting of three fields:

      (This Spice Board "Howard") (This is Spice Board "Robin") Play:
      (Correct answers) (Correct answers) Please enter your guess for any one field:
      Field one: cinnamon Field one: thyme First Guess: Salt
      Field two: salt Field two: rosemary (YES YOU GOT SALT ON GAME "HOWARD")
      Field two: sugar Field three: cinnamon Second Guess: Pepper

      Now, I can get 8.5 to get me to play this game, just the way I want to, which basically consists of it asking me to "guess what is in field one, two, then three", each guess results in either a positive or a negative sound.

      But what I would like to do is play this very game with 127 other Spice Boards I have, simultaneously. It's the same exact game format, but the right answers to each field are obviously different and the answers are PERMANENT and never change. I need to get a way for me to enter a SINGLE spice and have it "Matcho" with all 127 Spice Boards all ready in use in a Different Movie in my PC until I get all three spices guessed, I imagine, pretty quickly with 127 boards to play on and there are no exotic spices. So, if I play guess one: pepper, guess two: sea salt, guess three: red pepper, I will have had director check each and every card I have in the data base. The position of the Spice I guessed did not have to fall in any specific field, BUT the spice that I guess "will" have to be used in any one of the Spice Boards I have, anywhere on them. So, I do not win unless all of "Howard" is guessed OR all of "Robin" is guessed OR all of "Gary" is guessed, OR etc.

      The game totally works fine at this point, ONE BOARD AT A TIME.

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