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    Preview Render, Render and updating issues

    bentsib1974 Level 1

      So my work updated to the latest adobe software 2019 and now the updating and rendering issues of before are back. What I mean is, when I have dynamic linked objects in the premier sequence from AE and am doing a preview render in premier it lags, unless I literally switch to AE hold on that app for a few seconds and then switch back to Premier. Sometimes I have to keep switching back and forth between the programs so Premiere renders. Also, with the update there's a glitch that happens sometimes with dynamically linked objects where theres a frame that has a missing media info. If i turn on and off the eye for that layer it gets corrected but it's a bit annoying since I had wasted time on trying to fix it and that was the last resort, which did fix the problem temporarily because it happened again else where on the timeline. With this new update it seems like the media encoder is now taking much longer to process over from premier and the render time has increased significantly. I was working on the same project when they updated the software and it went from rendering within 2-5 min to about 15-20 min. This happened before on a previous update, I can't remember which but I think it all had to do with the render engine. Anyway, @adobe support when are you going to fix this glitch again?


      I'm working of a mac trash can latest OS plenty of ram.