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    Newbie question


      I am fairly new to LightRoom, but have finally gotten the confidence to begin trying some work in the Develop module. All seems to be going well for the most part (baby steps only!), but I have noticed that when I want to "Edit in Adobe PhotoShop," the image that opens in PS is 11.52 X 17.28 at 300 ppi ~  without my ever doing any cropping in LR. When I open the same image from the desktop directly, the image is 48 X 72 at 72, which is the resolution and size I am used to seeing straight out of my camera when I edit in PS without going through LR first.


      I am unsure if this is "normal" and therefore not a cause for worry; or if I have inadvertently set some preference, etc., that is resulting in this. Can someone please set me straight and reassure me? Feel free to ask for more information if I have not made my question clear. Thanks!

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Photoshop is simply reporting a different resolution. The resolution setting has no impact on the quality or size of the image. The image is so many pixels in each direction. For instance, my camera produces images that are 6000 x 4000 pixels, and they are that many pixels regardless of whether the PPI is set to 72 PPI or 300 PPI or what ever. The PPI setting will not actually change the physical size of the image. It basically is a setting to be used to specify the intent of the image file.

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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Go to Preferences >> External editing (Tab)

            You may have resolution set to 300

            That determines what is sent into Photoshop.

            You can change it to 72 if preferred if the final output is to be for screen or web usage. For printing I would use 240 to 300.

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Windows - Edit >> Preferences >> External editing (Tab)

              Mac - Lightroom >> Preferences >> External editing (Tab)

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                MTBirder Level 1

                Thanks, JimHess. I pretty much understand that ~ I am mainly wondering when/how the numbers are changed. Maybe it doesn't matter and I'm making it a bigger deal than I need to; I'm one of those who needs to understand what's going on in the background, I guess!

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                  MTBirder Level 1

                  Thanks to everyone else who chimed in while I was replying to JimHess ~ I love that I can get such excellent help here!