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    Blurb changes finished pages by itself!

    ingewertwijn Level 1

      I am using Lightroom Classic version 8.0. Somehow Blurb has gone wild. On a finished page with all different pictures, Blurb will replace some of the pictures by a single photo. When I change it back to the correct state, Blurb will change it back to its own version within seconds.

      What is going on? See screenshot below: picture nr 2 is suddenly repeated in 5,6,7,9, and 12. Picture 14 is repeated in 16 and 17. Yet it says below that every picture is only used once.


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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Another user with Book Module problems!

          Add your post, and click the 'Me Too' button at top of page over at the Feedback site at this link-

          Lightroom Classic 8.0: Book Module bug | Photoshop Family Customer Community

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            bhargaveede Adobe Employee



            We've identified an issue and working on a fix.

            In the meantime, we need additional information to verify it's the same issue.

            What are the steps to reproduce the issue?


            Is it possible for you to share the catalog?
            That will help us understand the issue better. You can upload the .lrcat file and share the link to catalog through a message to me separately.




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              I had a similar problem. Only in my case, it repeated one page 3x, another page 2x and another different page 3x. In the process of repeating, it eliminated some pages that I'd already created. I attempted to go back to a previous backup but the error was saved after a 15 hour work session on the book, so I either lose 15 hours or try to clean up the mess & recreate the missing pages.


              A speculation. I used "copy layout" instead of saving a layout as a "custom layout" first. I'm wondering if those were the pages that got duplicated? Images still had a 1 above them as if they were used in the book, but I can't find them anywhere, so I think the system thinks they are on the duplicated pages. When I tried to delete the duplicated pages, it deletes them all at once (the 3 that are the same), not one at a time. After I do this, I think it releases the "1" symbol above the photos & I can now tell which photos are not used.


              I've now deleted the duplicate pages and I'm starting over. I really want to know if this sort of error has corrupted the entire book. Should I start over? This is a large book, 160 pages, 600 photos. I can't afford for this to happen once I get further along.


              Today when I opened the file for the first time, the deleted photos are gone, but some of my formatting has been obviously changed. Some photos that were formatted to bleed to edge are no longer that way. So I'm wondering what less obvious formatting changes have been made. Please help quickly. I'm sort of stuck now & Invested so much time in this Blurb book process & don't have another way to get this done in time.


              My computer is fast enough. Dell Precision Tower 3420, 16mb ram, Nvidia 1080 graphics card.


              Thank you.

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                I also am having the same problem.  I redid everything using the “create custom layout” option but blurb continues to replace photos that I have already inserted with others and repeat pages.  Help!  I have lost a lot of time creating this book.

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                  B+L MKE

                  cross-posted in another thread.


                  Nothing has worked for me. 7.5, cache, pref-reset. Nothing. the best I can tell, the problem is more prevalent with custom page layouts. That's where most of my errors are happening.


                  Here is a screencap of the weirdness. photos are showing up twice but are tagged with a 1 for being placed once. before switching to the dev module, they were different photos. If I delete one, it deletes from both places.

                  Dropbox - Screen Recording 2018-12-02 at 10.57.14 PM.mov

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                    I had the same problem and it was related to 'copy layout'. I had to remove pages created via 'copy layout' and replace them with standard layout pages and after that modify those pages.