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    brand new computer with first import of some photos stuck on "fetching initial previews"

    nutmix5 Level 1

      I just installed lr classic (8.0) on my win 10 machine with 6GB ram, fast SATA SSD, dual core i5 etc.  So it had no pictures. A blank slate.


      i imported my first set of 900 jpegs from a holiday.  The jpegs were on the SSD (not SD card), so imported without moving.  I took the import defaults (e.g. embed + sidecar) even though i have no idea what this means, I am assuming LR knows best.


      I have now been waiting 3 hours for them to import.  It is pogressing but VERY slowly.  I see very low res thumbnails in the library module, but cant zoom in on any of them yet.  At the top, the progress bar is showing 50%.  Above this, it permanently says "fetching initial previews".


      I have been using lightroom since the first version, and have never seen this issue. Its it a bug in version 8? I cant live with taking 6 hours to import a few Gig of photos. On my previous machine, importing a few thousand photos of the same size would take max. 5 minutes.  The photos are already on the HD, yet it wont let me zoom in on them.


      What does fetching initial previews even mean? It should just be importing them (and creating previews if thats what it must do).


      Am I doing somethign wrong? Should I disable all previews?


      The jpegs are from a Sony A6000, and are around 5MB each.


      I have plenty of space on the HD, and windows was re-installed not that long ago. If I look in the task manager, disk is 3%, memory 50% and cpu around 60% with lightroom taking 40%.  So the computer is not doing much.