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    Premiere trying to link to ghost media that does not exist!

    David Heatley

      Ok, this is not the common linked media issue. I know how to find a link media when it's missing. This issue exists in several of my older projects where Premiere is saying that there is a missing media item in my project.


      But here's the thing, the media is not part of the project!


      It appears that Premiere is be trying to link to a mystery ghost piece of media that isn't part of the project and is not on any timeline in the project. I've done the usually clear cache and deleted my common folder in windows.


      The file that it's saying is missing is called "classic_low_hd.png" and the original directory location is coming up as C:\Users\David\Documents\Adobe\Resource Central\PPRO%205.0.3 (en-US)\Templates\General\Classic Black Lower 3rd\classic_low_hd.png.


      I've created a file called "classic_low_hd.png" and tried to link to it to resolve the issue but I'm getting an unable to link error with no additional information when I try to link to it.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.