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    Could not run script: OrganizeModuleFactory.lua Error: Recursive load attempt for namespace: AgImageIO<-AgHeadlights<-AgHelp<-OrganizeModule<-AgImageIO

    eskor99319287 Level 1

      I have newly installed HP laptop with Windows 10.

      I have tried to install both Lightroom CC and Lightroom CC Classics many times starting from June, but all the time I will get the same error.


      I have also created a couple support tickets but no resolution.

      I don't have any vpn-connections so it cannot be any reason.


      Adobe second level support asked me today contact Microsoft after he had tried to resolve issue remotely.

      MS asked me to re-install Windows. I have done it.

      After that I installed once again both Lightrooms but no effect.

      Same error comes, Lightroom does not work?

      Any advice?