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    InDesign Script Writer?


      I am a designer and seeking help to create a script that places text and various images on a page based on a spreadsheet for an auction catalog. I have a few more needs than that too, but i just can’t figure it out. Does anyone write scripts for InDesign that might have time to help me out? Please shoot me an email at hstojak@gmail.com. Thank You!

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          Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

          The most complex part of the code (only the function) which reads data from Excel and brings it to InDesign as an array is already written and posted here (totally free): both for Windows and Mac.

          And here is a video (8 min) of a real script (based on the function) working: placing text and images.


          — Kas


          P.S. It also works in the latest CC 2019.