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    Adobe - ADB-4298674-B1Q4 - Issues with PDF files on both Acrobat Pro and Adobe Reader DC




      Please could you advice on the below issue here. I am not really sure why is this happening and googling doesn't give much info.


      Product : Adobe Acrobat PRO and Adobe Reader DC.

      Issue : When scrolling through PDF files using Adobe Reader DC or Adobe Acrobat Pro, below error pops up.

      error : ''There was an error processing a page. A number is out of range''


      This happens especially with large PDF files.


      We are on Windows 10 - 1709(16299.726) Dell machines. We are a bank and I am from IT support and this is happening for lot of users here especially for extensive PDF users. This is not happening for just one PDF file, but for most of them.


      One workaround for now is to rename the pdf files, but this workaround is sub optimal because of constantly running into issue then fixing it by re-saving and the count of files are more.


      It would be really nice if this can be checked and advise on how can we fix this.


      We have updated Adobe reader DC to the latest version : 19.008.20071. However Acrobat Pro is on XI.  Please also advice how can I download the latest version of Acrobat Pro.


      Another question I have is : When Adobe Reader DC is upgraded by pushing it from back end in enterprise level to the latest/next version, it obviously shuts the existing PDF files on users machine which is fine. However after the upgrade, when adobe reader is launched again, it should ideally show the most recent PDF files that were opened. But that is not the case here. It shows some older ones and some of the extensive users are finding it difficult to launch those PDFs again.


      This has got nothing to do with enterprise level update as the same happens when installed manually on a single machine.


      I called up the support and explained the above issue, but I was asked to drop a note here, so that experts can answer this. Please help.!!


      Adobe case number : Adobe - ADB-4298674-B1Q4


      Thanks in advance.