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    Premiere crashes on startup - How to troubleshoot?

    aspenn Level 1

      Premiere Pro CC (13.0, on Windows 10) used to work perfectly before, but now it crashes while loading up. It seems to load the plugins and crash in whatever comes after the plugins and pop up the Adobe Crash Report window. The last plugin it loads is WebM.prm but if I remove that plugin, then it just crashes after the previous plugin, which implies that plugins are not causing this.


      The problem started after I had been rendering a video in Media Encoder and editing another video in Premiere for a few hours. I don't remember the exact course of events anymore, but suddenly there was some glitch in the display/graphics adapter and the screen went black for a few seconds. After it Media Encoder informed that the rendering had failed and it started rendering the next video in the que. A couple of minutes later the Windows crashed into the blue screen and restared the pc.


      As a result, Premiere died permanentally. I have already spent two days reading forums and trying a lot of things but Premiere just won't launch anymore. However, the older version 12.1.2 still works but it won't of course open the projects saved in the new version. Things I've tried:


      • Restart Windows
      • Reset Premiere presets during launch (Alt key)
      • Reset Premiere plugin caches during launch (Shift-Ctrl-Alt keys)
      • Re-install Premiere from Creative Cloud App
      • Remove Premiere with Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool and install it again with Creative Cloud App
      • Start Premiere in Administrator mode
      • Remove "Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins" folder
      • Remove temporary files and folders in "AppData\Local\Temp" folder
      • Remove temporary files and folders in "Windows\Temp" -folder
      • Remove the project files I was editing during the crash
      • Disable the graphics adapter in Device Manager
      • Re-install the newest Nvidia drivers (416.34), which I had already before the crash
      • Send dozens of Crash Reports to Adobe
      • Cursing


      I'm now in a complete dead-end here. It's possible that the BSOD was a result of an overheating pc and it corrupted some file somewhere that is not replaced by Premiere or graphics driver installation but Premiere needs that file. All other programs seem to work fine, including After Effects and Media Encoder, which were open during the crash.


      So, any help troubleshooting this issue is much appreciated, like where to find relevant log files. Thank you in advance!


      Basic system info:

      Core i7 6800K

      GeForce GTX 1070

      64 GB RAM

      Windows 10