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    sendAndLoad problem

    lammspillning Level 1
      I have some problems loading a php value into my dynamic textbox.
      I want to first send a string that the php file recieves, and depending on what that string is, it will create a value which I want to load into my textbox. The value created is labeled $average in the php file and I tried the following AScode but I don't think it suits my needs, since it do not send a string. I'm not sure how to solve this..Is the sendAndLoad method the way to go or does anybody have any suggestions? //thanx
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you can't assign an instance name to an object (like a textfield) and use the same instance name for another object (like a loadvars instance) and expect no problems.

          in addition, if you want to receive data back from your php script, create a 2nd loadvars instance and use one loadvars to send data to your php script and the other to receive data using a sendAndLoad() method.