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    Adobe Acrobat Pro DC crashing on startup


      I am on a 2017 Macbook Pro running macOS Mojave 10.14, trying to use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (Creative Cloud account)


      Ever since updating to Mojave and CC 19, Acrobat Pro freezes every time I try to open the app, even when I open from any PDF file I've had no previous problems with. This was not an issue until I updated to Mojave and CC 19 (both on the same day) so I'm unsure which update is the issue, if either. I am not able to access any of the preferences/menus on the app because it immediately freezes and gives me the rainbow wheel of death before I am able to do anything.


      I have tried uninstalling Acrobat and reinstalling, restarting the machine, removing the Preferences file manually, and so far nothing has solved the issue. This is affecting my ability to work. Help!